Marienberg is Unitech in Chile

We are proud to represent Unitech in Chile.

Unitech designs, manufactures and integrates pallet handling systems and complementary line accessories to the main line of stretch wrappers and strappers. The lines are designed and integrated based on the specific project, process and packaging requirements; on many occasions the components must be adapted to meet a particular specification. Unitech’s philosophy is to offer total line integration and solutions adapted to each case, regardless of the complexity of the project.


The main activity of Unitech srl, a company founded in 1995, is the manufacture of fully automatic stretch-wrapping machines and pallet handling systems for the development of customized solutions. Over the years it has increased its product line with automatic strapping systems and high-speed pre-stretch rewinding machines.

Currently, Unitech is one of the leaders in the manufacture of high-speed automatic wrapping systems (up to 150 pallets/hour), with extensive experience in packaging solutions, its main objective being to continue developing new solutions in collaboration with customers and partners, knowing that it is just as important to cover the technical aspects as it is to foster human relations.
Marienberg has the exclusive representation of Unitech in all its product lines for the national territory.


Handling systems are a critical component of any end of line system to be able to move pallets/loads through packaging equipment and line accessories. Based on factors such as pallet design, line configuration, load, speed and production requirements, Unitech offers a wide range of handling system options.

  • Roller conveyors
  • Floor level conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Conveyor belts
  • Orthogonal transfers
  • Turning tables
  • Launch systems


  • Pallet lifters
  • Pallet stackers and destackers
  • Empty pallet dispensers
  • Grouping system for “half pallets”
  • Pallet centering
  • Top sheet dispensers
  • Top carton dispensers
  • Wood/chipboard lid dispensers
  • Corner dispensers
  • Pallet weighing systems
  • Readers for barcodes and production data systems


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