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1.000 Yellow Raschel Mesh Bags 5 kg



Marienberg woven raschel mesh bags are the perfect packaging for those products that require aeration and at the same time a presentation of the products that are contained inside.

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Marienberg Lemon Mesh Bags demonstrate that having the appropriate containers for each product allows for quick collection and delivery, minimizing operation and distribution costs. It is for this reason that Marienberg produces and has a wide range of sack meshes, including different types of Lemon Meshes for the distribution and marketing of agricultural products to wholesalers.

In the sale of lemons, producers and distributors have in the Marienberg Lemon Mesh Bags the perfect packaging to sell their goods, giving them an excellent presentation, aeration and beneficial handling of the product, reducing delivery times.

Marienberg's sack-type packaging meshes allow better preservation of agricultural products and their drying after packaging operations thanks to the airflow that they provide to fruits and vegetables.

The multiple colors with which Marienberg produces its mesh bags, allow emphasizing the qualities of the different types of products, being in this way an excellent method of differentiation of the fruit and vegetable products.

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Weight 14,5 kg
Dimensions 51 × 48 × 45 cm
Peso Despacho


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