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CropX: Yearly subscription

The yearly subscription consists of a membership to the CropX online system to access information (in the cloud) from your fields, as well as irrigation and fertilization recommendations based on sophisticated algorithms. You can install the app on your smartphone or any device with internet connection. In the cloud, CropX’s pattern recognition analysis methodology and revolutionary algorithms and software thoroughly study the field, its soil structure and its current state to determine how much water each zone needs. The platform can even be connected to the installed irrigation systems so that these automatic settings order the opening and closing of the irrigation system accordingly, obtaining intelligent and automated irrigation.

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Marienberg is proud to represent, exclusively in the country, CropX, a field information consolidation system that delivers irrigation and fertilization recommendations based on sophisticated algorithms, which saves resources such as water, energy, labor and fertilizers, obtaining a higher crop yield.

The CropX system 'listens to the soil' and combines information from different sources in order to provide each part of the field with exactly the amount of water and nitrogen it needs at the right time. The service saves between 10 and 20% of the water used in the irrigation of large fields.

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