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Windbreak Netting

Marienberg Windbreak Netting is used as a method of crop protection against strong wind gusts, preventing damage to plants such as loss of foliage, buds, flowers, fruit, or even the loss of entire plants, reduction of growth due to stress, and low pollination. At the same time, it protects against soil erosion and rapid moisture loss.

Marienberg has two types of windbreak mesh: one produced from woven monofilaments, and another mesh produced from HDPE raffia weave with UV protection. Any of these meshes must be installed perpendicular to the dominant wind gusts, which can reduce wind speed by up to 50%, recommending the spacing between one row of mesh and the next to be between 8 and 10 times the height of the mesh, i.e., in those cases where the ratio of 1: 10 (for moderate winds), a mesh with a height of 2 meters may be at most 20 meters away from the next row of mesh, in order to establish adequate wind protection.

This type of netting is generally used in crop fields located in open areas, as well as in coastal areas, where it will also have the benefit of reducing the salinity of crops that are close to the sea.

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