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Weed Mat 4 × 100m



Used in blueberry plantations, organic vineyards, flowers production, and as ground cover in greenhouses.


  • It prevents the temperature from rising excessively at the root level, allowing the absorption of water and minerals.
  • Reduces the need of herbicides, achieving healthier crops and reducing costs.
  • Easy installation and long useful life.

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Marienberg Weed Mat is the ideal solution to design the garden of your dreams! It prevents the growth of weeds by allowing water and nutrients to pass through to your plants, so you can combine plants with decorative pebbles or mulch without having to weed and minimizing the efforts in garden maintenance. We also have formats for agro-industrial use. Marienberg Ground Cover is made of interwoven Polypropylene tapes, with an edge reinforced by ultrasound, which prevents the fabric from tearing, and with lines that serve as a guide for the installation of irrigation.

They are produced with special formulas and additives that retard the effect of UV rays in the degradation of the polymer, thus ensuring greater durability of the product when exposed to sunlight. With proper installation, Marienberg Weed Mat allows a higher concentration of temperature and humidity, accelerating root growth to cover a larger area.

Weed Mat is widely used in:

  • Fruit growing
  • Garden Ornamentation
  • Landscaping
  • Also available in larger reel for industrial uses.

We are manufacturers: ask for special colors and sizes.

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 1,2 × 14 × 14 cm
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