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TP-202 Semi-automatic Strapping Machine

The Marienberg TP-202 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine allows strapping boxes and packages in production or logistic processes, with limited operator intervention, in a safe, comfortable, and fast way. The operator only has to position the bundle or box to be strapped, insert the tip of the strap in the strapping head, and the machine will automatically tighten the strap up and fasten it.

The packaging, packing, and transportation of products are essential for the handling of goods. Therefore, to secure packages of various types and sizes, we integrate at the end of the production and distribution lines strapping machines and tools to substantially improve processing times and consolidation of packages, helping our customers to respond faster to their requirements. We also provide an excellent consulting and installation service through our highly specialized technical staff in this type of solution.

High-quality, economical, transportable, and compact semi-automatic strapping machine, designed for general purposes use. It allows us to secure packages in various applications.

General characteristics:

  • Easy to operate and simple to maintain.
  • Stainless steel top plate.
  • Tension regulator and external control panel.
  • Rigid wheels with brakes.
  • An energy-efficient engine only operates when required.
  • Removable reel holder for quick and convenient replacement of the strap reel.
  • F-135 safety switch.
  • Adjustable cooling time (0-2 s).
  • Stainless steel structure.

How to use
The strapping tip is picked up by placing the product on the table and surrounding the package. Once surrounded, the tip is introduced into the head. Once detected at the entrance of the strap, the machine will tension, weld, cut, and release a few meters of the An energy-efficient strap (regulated by the control panel) for the next package.

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Additional information

Weight 156,6 kg
Dimensions 95 × 63 × 91 cm
Peso Despacho
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