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Tomato Twine

PP fibrillated tape, highly resistant and effective as a growth guide for climbing plants, such as tomatoes or green beans.

Specially designed for agricultural applications as a tomato twine for delicate climbing plants, Marienberg Tomato Twine is commonly used as a growth guide for tomato and green bean plants.

As the tomato plant is a climbing plant, it needs to be guided from the beginning. Ideally, a 1.5m vertical support should be installed next to it when it is planted in its final location. As the tomato plant grows, it should be tied to the support of  Marienberg TomatoTwine to guide its growth.

The Marienberg Tomato Twine Tape has the necessary properties to be the best choice when choosing a solution for the guidance of delicate climbing plants. Its level of fibrillization, tensile strength, and additives specially designed to withstand the long periods of exposure to sunlight required for the growth of climbing plants allow Marienberg Tomato Twine Tape to have durability according to the requirements for its use.

The reasonable level of fibrillization of Marienberg Tomato Twine Tape allows the adherence of the plant stems without causing damage to the plant.

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