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Erosion Control Net

Marienberg, with its erosion control system, offers a technical and efficient solution for the control and protection of slopes in rainy areas in Chile and abroad.

The geographic and climate factors of Chile generate conditions of high susceptibility to erosion due to rainfall, which directly affect the development of productive areas. This is where the Erosion Control Net developed by Marienberg comes into play.

The slope reforestation system by Marienberg is composed of a mesh produced in reel with the bags arranged longitudinally, it is designed to ensure the fastening of the root systems in the slope to be reforested in the short term.

For its application, the Erosion Control Net requires it to be deployed and fixed on the entire slope to be protected, and then manually fill these bags with a mixture of soil and fertilizer to ensure the germination in the short term of the plant material to be planted.

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