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90% Green Shade Cloth Taped Edge with Eyelets 2 × 50m



Ideal to provide privacy to your patio, perimeter enclosures, fences and on any surface where privacy is desired. It has reinforced edges and eyelets for easy installation. Contains UV filter.

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Due to the warp-knitted weave of the Marienberg Raschel Shade Mesh, which prevents its tearing apart when the tapes are cut, ensuring greater resistance and durability, a uniform shade is obtained over the covered area, which has led the market to consolidate Marienberg Shade Mesh as the best option when seeking methods of protection from sunlight.
The composition of Marienberg Raschel Shade Mesh ensures durability according to what is expected from a product developed with high-quality standards. Our formulas, duly additivated, minimize the degradation of the polymer by exposure to UV rays, ensuring a longer service life outdoors than apparently similar products.

The quality of Marienberg Shade mesh is proven by the hundreds of customers who have trusted in our products, which have led our company to be the leader in this market in Chile.

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Weight 25,88 kg
Dimensions 110 × 28 × 28 cm
Peso Despacho


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