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Semi-automatic Strapping Machines

Marienberg semi-automatic strapping machines allow strapping boxes and packages in production or logistic processes, with limited operator intervention, in a safe, comfortable, and fast way. The operator only has to position the bundle or box to be strapped, insert the tip of the strap in the strapping head, and the machine will automatically tighten the strap up and fasten it.

Marienberg has a variety of Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines, including certain machines with built-in Stainless Steel for applications in environments with high levels of humidity, such as those found in the processing of fish and seafood, among others.

Among the models of Marienberg Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines, the tabletop machines are compact and very easy to install, operate and maintain, making them ideal for use in retail salesrooms for strapping those boxes that require greater security, or in the case of requiring the formation of transfer or promotional packages.

These machines do not require steal seals for fastening the strapping, so they also represent a saving in terms of strapping costs.

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Semi-automatic Stainless Lateral Strapping Machine:

Semi-automatic table type machine:



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