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Seafood Mesh Bags

Marienberg Seafood Mesh Bags are Raschel-like woven plastic bags with resistant threads according to the work to be done, made of first quality raw materials, with attractive colors that allow an excellent presentation for consumers and traders. For years this mesh has been preferred by fish farmers to transport their products, due to its firmness, and it is easy to tie as it has threads intended for this purpose.
With an approximate capacity of 20 to 23 kilos of seafood, Marienberg Seafood Mesh Bags are the perfect size for a quick and efficient handling and transportation of seafood, also allowing the transfer of water between the product and the environment, which makes it easier for maintenance easier, allowing to keep the cold chain and humidity, relevant factors to reach the final customer with this type of products.
Marienberg Seafood Mesh Bags allow the aquaculture industry to have a convenient and efficient packaging for seafood without neglecting its presentation, also allowing the distribution of these products in a simple way, without undermining the necessary properties to ensure the quality of the seafood until it reaches the consumer.

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