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Reflex Film

Marienberg Reflex Film is a plastic film to which special additives are included to reflect the light rays coming from the sun, and thus, illuminate those areas of the plantations that normally would not receive sunlight. This allows a more homogeneous delivery of light to the fruit, resulting in better-developed fruit.

Marienberg Reflex Film is designed to be installed between rows and/or ridges in fruit tree plantations, thus obtaining an increase in luminosity in the lower and middle parts of the trees, promoting photosynthesis in the leaves, providing energy for the development of the tree, which can generate an increase of up to 10% in the production of the fruit trees.

This film is produced with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) stabilized against degradation by UV rays and with a long-lasting aluminized layer that produces the sunlight reflecting effect, which allows obtaining a 90% increase in reflectance, which considerably improves color levels, sweetness, and fruit yield.

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