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Hinge Clasp (500 units)



Hinge clasps allow you to join raschel cloths in various applications.

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Marienberg offers a range of plastic clasps for the installation of shading cloths as an ideal complement to plastic fabrics, conceived with the aims of not damaging your investment. The hinge clasps allow a fast and efficient installation, fastening, and gripping of the cloths for later stretching or for shading.

  • They are produced with additives that protect them from UV rays, ensuring their durability.
  • They increase the useful life of the mesh in comparison with other fastening methods as they are not corrosive and do not cut the tapes.
  • Prevents the mesh from breaking under tension. They reduce the time of work in the installation of the meshes.

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 78 × 49 × 10 cm
Peso Despacho


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