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Polyester Strapping

PET strapiing is a good alternative for strapping products that require greater tension, or are heavy, since they have greater strength and elongation than a PP strap of the same dimensions. Their high elasticity and low relaxation make them ideal for retaining stress on expansive or unstable bulges.

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It is characteristic of PET Straps their great elongation capacity, which, although it does not reach the elongation of Polypropylene Straps, is greater than that of Steel Straps, and has a higher resistance than the PP strap. That is why in many applications in which Steel Straps were used in the past, these were replaced by PET Straps, since the latter, in addition to having a much lower weight than its Steel counterpart, allows cost savings, the automation of the strapping process and, above all, greater safety for personnel related to both strapping maneuvers and cargo transport.

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