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2 Orange Plastic Safety Nets + 2 Danger Tapes



The Marienberg Danger Identification Tape is a 7.6cm and 305 m long plastic tape used to mark and limit areas of risk to the health of people with high visibility and impact, such as construction sites, roads or areas where there is a risk of landslides, floods, and different highly dangerous events. Its design allows for easy handling and high resistance to weather conditions.

The Construction Safety Net by Marienberg is a net roll produced in high-density orange-colored PVC of 1 × 45 meters. It is used to enclose areas and prevent the access of non-related people to the working sites. It provides a quick and easy method of highlighting and indicating risk zones or dangerous areas. Produced in high-density PVC.

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 103 × 15 × 18 cm
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