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Orthopedic Flat Tape

The Marienberg Orthopedic Flat Tape is a PE tape specially designed as a method of fastening grafts or fruit trees.

Considering the specific needs of the agricultural industry, Marienberg developed its Orthopedic Flat Tape, widely used in the industry as a complement for grafting, among other applications. This tape is a design specially developed by Marienberg, which in addition to having the quality of withstanding prolonged exposure to sunlight, has excellent knot support.

When a method of holding grafts or fruit trees is required in order to maintain their production, Marienberg Orthopedic Flat Tape is the best option. Its composition, based on PE, and the additives used in its application, give it an extraordinary resistance to traction, and at the same time,  a reduced degradation against UV rays to which it is exposed when in constant contact with sunlight.

Marienberg Orthopedic Flat Tape is the best option when looking for grafting raffia since it does not rot, does not retain pests, and does not suffer essential changes due to the application of chemicals

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