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Orange Mesh Bags

Without a doubt, Marienberg Orange Mesh Bags are the perfect packaging for selling oranges, giving them an excellent presentation, aeration, and adding beneficial product handling. This makes Marienberg Orange Mesh Bags the perfect solution for orange growers and distributors.

Marienberg produces and stocks a wide range of orange mesh bags for the distribution of these products. Marienberg Orange Mesh Bags demonstrate that having the appropriate packaging for each product allows for quick harvesting, washing, transfer, delivery, and handling of these fruits, minimizing operating and distribution costs.

Marienberg’s sack-type packaging meshes allow for better conservation of oranges and their drying after they have been packaged, thanks to the ventilation they provide.

The multiple colors that Marienberg produces allow emphasizing the different qualities of the oranges, being in this way an excellent method of differentiation of its products, in addition to the multiple sizes of meshes that Marienberg provides, enabling it to sell different quantities of oranges.

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