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Steel Strapping

Marienberg High Resistance Steel Strapping is used for high-weight products strapping applications, which require the highest tensile strength and impact resistance available in a strap. This type of strap is produced from stainless steel sheets and is generally used in mining for the generation of cathode or anode bundles, among other applications.

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Marienberg Steel Straps have excellent mechanical properties since they are produced from steel of superior metallurgical properties, which provides them with great resistance to high tension, high traction, and difficult conditions. Therefore, these steel straps are mainly used in the mining industry, as well as in the forestry industry in barracks for the shaping of product bundles, and in the construction industry for the installation of signage.

Marienberg has years of experience in the Metal Strapping market, and in accessory products for their application. Thus, we also have a wide range of machines, tools, and seals, which allows the application of steel straps both manually and mechanized in semi-automatic or automatic machines.

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