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Steel Seals for Plastic Strapping

Marienberg Steel Seals for Plastic Straps are the most common mechanism to fix the ends of packing straps after their stretching by means of manual tensioners. To apply them, a pair of pliers must be used, which allows the seal to tighten the strap and fix it in position.

Marienberg has a wide variety of seals for straps, both steel and plastic, with different widths, characteristics, and compositions, as well as seals for special applications.

Depending on the width of the plastic strap you will be working with, care should be taken to use the appropriate seal for that dimension, and also, depending on whether the strap is smooth or ribbed, existing smooth or serrated seals, which provide different benefits in terms of friction and fastening.

The Marienberg Steel Seals for Plastic Strapping are produced in rolled steel, which gives them high tensile strength, even when used for PP or PET strapping.

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