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Anti-Hail Net

Marienberg Anti-Hail Net is a HDPE mesh, light but with great flexibility and resistance, specially designed to protect vine crops and fruit trees against the damage that can be caused by hail.

Marienberg Anti-Hail Net is a lightweight high-density polyethylene mesh, with balanced flexibility and strength to trap larger hail, preventing it from directly impacting crops, actively protecting plantations from damage that could be caused by such rainfall.

This netting is ideal for the protection of vineyards and fruit orchards, such as peaches, plums, apples, among others. When hit by large hail, it causes severe damage to these fruits, often resulting in a significant loss of production.

Marienberg Anti-Hail Net can also be used for fruit harvesting and crop protection against birds, preventing their passage and the formation of nests, which can also be a source of damage to fruits, generating lower quality products.

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