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Inia Tape

The most effective and efficient control barrier against Naupactus xanthographus.

In the 1980s, Marienberg, along with the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA), developed a pest control method mainly intended for Naupactus xanthographus, better known as the “fruit burrito.” This is how the Marienberg Inia Tape was created, one of the most effective methods when seeking fruit burrito control.

To this day, and for more than two decades, the Marienberg Inia Tape, together with the INIA 82.4 product, has been one of the most effective systems available to manage fruit burrito pests. The toxic barrier generated by the combination of both products successfully prevents the adult fruit burritos from reaching the fruit of the trees. The Marienberg Inia Tape consists of an obstacle placed 1.2 m above the ground on trunks and plastic tree guards, wrapping one and a half times around the trunk with the blisters in contact with the bark, tying its center with a Marienberg Vineyard Tying Tape, and then applying the upper half with INIA 82.4 insecticide paste.

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