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Plastic Strap Dispenser



The Marienberg H83 Dispenser for 200mm core plastic straps, with wheels and tray, is a very practical and durable tool that allows the safe transport of plastic strapping reels.

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The Marienberg Plastic Strap Dispenser makes the strapping process easier, since it often requires the operator to move within the facilities where the packaging operations are carried out, transporting the tools. Plastic strapping dispensers are used to maintain the integrity of the strapping roll and thus extend its useful life.
Marienberg has two models of Plastic Strapping Dispenser: the H-83E Dispenser allows the transfer of a strap roll, making the preparation of packages and loading more efficient, while the H-83 Dispenser, besides allowing the transfer of a strap roll, has wheels for a lesser effort of displacement, and a tray that facilitates the transfer of all the elements necessary for the strapping process, reducing the losses by deterioration or fall of its tools and supplies such as metallic seals.

Download H83E specification pdf:

Download H83 specification pdf:



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Dimensions 59 × 52 × 57 cm
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