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Fully Automatic Strapping Machine for Packing

Marienberg Full Automatic Strapping Machines allow you to apply plastic straps completely autonomously, and with minimal human interaction. Marienberg has machines for various applications, which through the vast experience of the Marienberg Technical Service can be incorporated into production lines of multiple industries, in order to reduce the labor required for packaging processes.

Highly reliable and very easy to operate, Marienberg Full Automatic Strapping Machines significantly reduce the efforts required for the strapping process. Said machines, by using Marienberg Plastic Bands, allow continuous operation with reduced downtime, allowing our customers to focus on those operations that add value to their product.

Whether you need to strap pallets, boxes, or cartons automatically, Marienberg has machines that can be better adjusted to your process, including those that can be used in high humidity environments (stainless steel machines).

Marienberg Full-Automatic Strapping Machines can receive the package on its own conveyor belt, detecting the start of the package, pressing the box for a tighter closure using a press, subsequently strapping the package with one or more ties, and finally delivering it automatically. automatically the package to a conveyor belt downstream.

Ideal for strapping compressible material such as corrugated paper, paper, bags, etc.

  • Robust and compact mechanical strapping head
  • Free access to the band guides
  • Electronic tension control
  • Automatic strap release in case of package absence
  • Automatic strap feeder at affordable height
  • Hinged Top Plates
  • Multiple strapping function for single strapping, double strapping, continuous strapping or transient mode
  • Variable conveyor speed between 10 and 60 meters per minute
  • Upflow and downflow gearing with full plug connection
  • Easy change of package flow direction
  • Good for strapping small packages with a minimum size of 120mm wide and 10mm high
  • Adjustable table height between 800 and 900 mm

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