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Fruit and Vegetable Mesh Bags

Marienberg fruit and vegetable raschel mesh bags have different sizes, capacities, and colors, which allows a very simple retail sale and emphasize different properties of the products contained in them, besides being an excellent packaging for wholesale distribution.

The distribution of vegetables such as potatoes, green beans, lemons, oranges, carrots, among others, benefits from being carried out with meshes that allow the aeration and exposure of the products, and provide a striking presentation for end customers.

Whether you require meshes for potatoes, onions, green beans, cucumbers, carrots, or other fruits and vegetables, Marienberg Raschel mesh bags are designed to hold between 5 to 50 kg thereof and, depending on the type, can contain an easy-closing tape, which allows you to operate more quickly when packaging your products.

Undoubtedly, the perfect blend of top-quality raw materials used in the production of Marienberg packaging meshes gives them great resistance, which many competitors have tried to replicate, without success.

Prefer the quality that only Marienberg can provide.

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