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Frost Cloth

Marienberg Frost Cloth is a lightweight non-woven textile material, produced from polypropylene fibers, which protects plantations from damage that could be caused by frost. When properly installed, Marienberg Frost Cloth on crops can form a micro-climate, allowing the soil to retain heat and stimulating plant growth. We have formats for domestic use, as well as larger formats for agro-industrial use.

Preventing crops from being affected by sudden changes in temperature will give you greater confidence that you will obtain results and that your production source is protected. Due to its lightweight, the Marienberg Frost Cloth can be laid directly on the crops without hindering the growth of the plantations, thus allowing a quick installation. The structure of the blanket makes it a permeable barrier to water and air, retaining the heat coming from the soil, but at the same time allowing water and chemical treatments to reach the plantations.

The Marienberg Frost Cloth has additives to prevent its degradation by prolonged exposure to the effects of UV rays from sunlight, so it can be used both at night and during the day, and depending on its care, it can be used for a longer period than those that do not have this property

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