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Extruded Sleeve Mesh

Marienberg offers its customers a variety of Extruded Roll Nets, to enable them to pack fruits, vegetables, and other products to be manually, automatically, or semi-automatically packaged. These nets are produced with raw qualified materials for food grade contact, and with an important variety of weave designs, to provide your product with a novel appearance that enhances the virtues thereof when packaged.

The wide variety of Extruded Roll Nets that Marienberg can produce allows it to fulfill the requirements for multiple applications. Thus, although the Extruded Roll Nets are mainly used for manual, automatic, or semi-automatic packaging of fruits, vegetables, and other products, they are also widely used as a protection method for mechanized or metallic objects, since they protect these elements from impacts and scratches, as the elasticity of this net is adequate to adjust to the shape of the above-mentioned products, allowing in an economic way to protect them when storing, handling or moving by generating a layer of protection that avoids the impact between these pieces. In the latter application, Extruded Mesh Sleeves are generally used for the protection of bushings, gears, crankshafts, matrixes, cylinders, agricultural spare parts, metallic pipes, rectified shafts, compressed exhaust pipes, among many others.

The variety of designs, weight per meter, mouth width, and colors that Marienberg can produce, are undoubtedly an important advantage over its competitors, so you will undoubtedly benefit from the experience that Marienberg has in this line of products.

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