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Combination Strapping Tool for 1/2″ Plastic Strapping SPH-44-12



Tense-Seal-Cut Combination Strapping Tool for 12mm PP and PET strapping with steel seals.

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Our strapping tool combines tensioning and sealing of the strap in the same unit, facilitating its operation and transportation in jobs that require frequent strapping.
It is ideal for high thickness PET and PP bands using profiled seals to ensure high resistance and efficiency in the seal.
Its sealing system provides a high tension to the strap. With little effort and high security, boxes, pallets, bundles and crates can be strapped together for handling and storage.

Main Attributes

  • Easy and fast operation. The profiled seal locks into position once inserted into the tool. The operator can easily thread the band through the tool and seal.
  • High voltage. The Tension Winch System delivers a very high tensioning capacity. The maximum tension can reach 3000 N (300 kg).
  • Profiled stamp. This tool is designed to be used with profiled seals to obtain high sealing efficiency and security.
  • For all types of flat packages. The tool is suitable for a wide range of horizontal and vertical strapping applications in all industrial sectors (pallets, construction materials, wood and panels, paper).

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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