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Automatic Strapping Machines

Marienberg Automatic Strapping Machines allow plastic straps to be applied with limited human interaction, simplifying and streamlining the strapping process. Through the vast experience of Marienberg Technical Service, these machines can be quickly included in production lines or retail stores in order to reduce labor or reduce strapping time.

User friendly, Marienberg Automatic Strapping Machines make the strapping process easier and allow it to be used by inexperienced operators because by simply pressing a button or the activation pedal, the machine performs the strapping cycle automatically. This type of machine, when using Marienberg Plastic Strapping, allows a continuous and efficient operation, because, unlike the Semi-automatic machines, they have an arc that avoids the need to manually insert the end of the strap into the strapping head.

Whether you need to strap boxes, cartons, or other objects in an agile way, Marienberg counts with machines that can be better adjusted to your process, including those that can be used in high humidity environments (stainless steel machines).

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