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Anti-Aphid Net

In its two varieties 16/10 and 20/10, Marienberg Anti-Aphid Net is made of HDPE Monofilaments with stabilization against degradation by UV rays coming from sunlight, which translates into a longer useful life of the fabric, thus reducing the need for product replacement.

Marienberg anti-aphid nets are widely used as a barrier method against insects that can be harmful to crops. Due to their fine weave, they prevent the entry of adverse insects such as aphids, which can also carry viruses that are harmful to plantations. Thus, Marienberg Aphid Control Net, correctly installed, is undoubtedly a basic defense to be considered to maintain healthy and productive crops.

The Marienberg Aphid Control Netting allows the protection of crops, without preventing their ventilation, that is why they are preferred when looking for greenhouse solutions or open field crops, being its main advantage the reduction of the need to apply chemical products such as insecticides and/or pesticides, also allowing the natural ventilation of crops by not completely restricting the air circulation, as some similar systems do.

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