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Agricultural Rope

Resistance is undoubtedly the most relevant quality of Marienberg Polypropylene Twisted Ropes, the above, added to its other characteristics, such as its null humidity absorption and its buoyancy in water, make them perfect for industrial applications.

Marienberg’s UV-treated agricultural twines have been manufactured for use in agribusiness for handling fruit canopies and macro-tunnels, as well as for guiding certain plantations.

Marienberg Polypropylene Twisted Ropes are manufactured in state-of-the-art production lines. By twisting polypropylene raffia in mechanical processes that follow multiple quality controls, providing a reliable product, and at the same time of excellent quality.

Among its benefits are its high durability -even when exposed to sunlight-, high tensile strength, low specific weight, flexibility in working conditions, buoyancy in water, among others.

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