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2.000 Yellow Packaging Mesh Bag. 1kg + 500 Plastic Fastener



2.000 Yellow Packaging Mesh Bag. 1kg + 500 Yellow Extruded Mesh Bags Plastic Fastener.

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Marienberg Plastic Mesh Bags are mainly used for the distribution and retail sale of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and a wide variety of products. They are produced in different types of materials in order to provide characteristics that suit the product to be packaged, giving an excellent presentation.

Marienberg fruit meshes have been widely used by domestic and foreign markets as a distribution method for retail fruit and vegetable products, since they contain a defined amount of kilograms of products. They are easy to handle, have an excellent presentation, and allow the airflow of the products from the moment of packaging until their use at the home of each customer.
Produced in accordance with market requirements and with raw materials suitable for food contact, Marienberg Plastic Mesh Bags are, undoubtedly, an economical and reliable packaging for fruit and vegetable products, allowing to highlight the desirable properties of all fruit and vegetable products.

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Weight 6,6 kg
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 12 cm
Peso Despacho


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