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Seal for 1¼” Steel Strapping. 114-P Model.



Box of 700 units.

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Marienberg Seals for Steel Strapping are the main fastening method used for the strapping process with this type of straps, this is how after tightening the metal strap by means of mechanical or hydraulic tools, the ends of the strap are linked with this type of seals, which depending on the characteristics of the strap must be properly sized to exert the pressure and maintain the fastening thereof.

Care must be taken before using the appropriate seal for the width of the metal strap with which it works, in addition to considering the thickness of the strap, which is why Marienberg has a wide variety of seals for both metal and plastic straps, with various widths, characteristics and compositions, as well as seals for special applications.

Widely used in mining, forestry as well as in barracks industries for product bundling, Marienberg Seals for Steel Strapping are undoubtedly a high-quality and highly resistant alternative, adjusting to the most demanding applications in which they can be used.

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Weight 25,3 kg
Dimensions 33 × 34 × 21 cm
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