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Raschel Shade Cloth

For sunlight and temperature control

Raschel shades allow the control of incident sunlight on crops and their protection against insects and birds. When installed as a means of shade control, the right level of security can be provided with the different levels of density that our meshes have.

Agricultural Ties

For vine training

Marienberg Vineyard Tying Tape is designed for manual or automatic tying of vines and grapevines. They are produced with elements that do not retain pests or suffer changes with the chemical materials generally applied to crops. Marienberg tapes have high flexibility and superior stretchability, which avoids deformation of the branches but are easy to remove at the time of pruning. We produce different types of straps for various uses and offer tools that allow for efficient crop tying and care.

Marienberg agricultural ties allow the special care that your crop deserves.

Vineyard Tying Tape and Trunk Tying Tape

The Marienberg Vineyard Tying Tape is a tie that is featured by its high flexibility and stretchability, being the ideal solution for color-coded grafting (available upon request). It is also widely used to tie vines, grapevines, and kiwis to training in order to guide their growth. Because of the elasticity of the tape, it does not chokes the plant as it grows, unlike other more risky fastening methods.

It can be applied by hand tying or with vineyard tying tools and is suitable for all types of climbing plants to stakes or supports in the case of nurseries. This tape is produced with a mixture specially developed for its use in agriculture sectors, based on innocuous materials that do not retain pests or suffer changes due to chemical substances, maintaining its high flexibility and superb stretch properties.

Vineyard Tying Tool

The Marienberg Vineyard Tying tool allows maximum efficiency in applying. Marienberg Vineyard Tying Tape to secure plants for support and training, considerably reducing operation time and providing a safe tying. The tool is light, durable, and very easy to operate, which allows focusing efforts on plant care and cost reduction. At the same time, the Marienberg Vine Tying Tool is very easy to maintain, with the necessary spare parts permanently in stock at Marienberg.


For the closure of boxes at the end of the production line

By applying polypropylene strapping, distribution packages can be generated at a low operational cost, either for the consolidation of cargo on pallets or the closing of boxes.

In Marienberg, we have a modern and flexible production line with the largest production capacity of polypropylene straps in Chile, which allows us to develop a product that fits perfectly to the operational needs of the machines already installed at your plant.

We offer a wide range of plastic straps for automatic and semi-automatic machines and manual tools, as well as their respective accessories, such as seals and plastic buckles.

Plastic Strapping

For securing boxes, bins, and pallets

For the closing of corrugated boxes and securing loads on pallets, we produce and distribute high-quality and reliable plastic straps for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic strapping.

Contact a Marienberg strap automation expert to learn how we can make your packaging operation a more efficient one with machines we can integrate into your packaging line.

Strapping Tools and Machines

For the closure of boxes at the end of the packaging line

By means of polypropylene strapping, packages can be secured ready for distribution at low operational cost and with high reliability. It is a function that can be easily automated by means of fully automatic strapping machines by Marienberg, available with specifications that are suitable for the most demanding conditions in packing or processing plants.

Marienberg has the largest, most modern, and flexible polypropylene strapping production line in Chile, which allows us to develop a product that fits perfectly to the operation needs of the machines already working in the facilities of our customers.

We also offer a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines and battery and manual tools, as well as strapping accessories, such as corner straps, squares, seals, and buckles. Marienberg is recognized for its first-class technical service for all the tools and machines it sells, ensuring unparalleled uptime and reliability.

Technical Service and Spare Parts for Strapping Machines

For the repair and maintenance of strapping equipment

Our technical service specialists are constantly updated and prepared to respond to the demanding needs of the mining sector. We keep a permanent stock of spare parts, parts, and pieces of the most used strapping tools in mining.

Protective Netting for Bottles

Protective reel

Marienberg produces tubular diamond net reels for the protection and presentation of glass bottles, both in their distribution to the point of sale and in the packaging for delivery to the customer. The elasticity of this netting is suitable to conform to the shape of the bottle. This netting can be produced in different colors, diameters, and thicknesses, adjusting better to your products and also allowing the classification of the products if required.


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