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Polypropylene Strapping

For load securing

Marienberg has been for years a reference in the production of Plastic Straps, being a national leader in the production of Polypropylene Straps. This is how years of experience in the market have led us to have the largest variety of products, ranging in width from 5 mm to 16 mm, allowing us to adjust to the different markets, needs, and requirements of each customer.

Steel Strapping

For securing heavy loads

Marienberg markets an important variety of steel straps, which are mainly used in the mining, metallurgical, and forestry industries. As a complement to them, Marienberg has the largest variety of seals for metal straps in the market, as well as the necessary hand tools and machinery for their application.

PET Strapping

For load securing with higher tension.

PET strapping is an appropriate substitute for metal strapping because of its high tensile strength. Marienberg markets and distributes polyester strapping to a large number of industries throughout the country, also supplying the necessary elements for its application such as machines and tools.

Plastic Ropes

For cargo securing

The plastic ropes produced by Marienberg are the first quality elements applied to various uses; from cargo securing to deep sea fishing. Our production processes ensure ropes of various diameters with excellent resistance to traction and friction.

Plastic Twine

Wide range availability

The plastic twines produced by Marienberg are available in different gauges and formats, being widely used in the market as practical and reliable moorings due to their tension and friction characteristics.

Manual Strapping Tools

Manual strapping tool set

Marienberg offers manual tighteners and sealers, which altogether make up the Strapping Tool Set. These two tools allow the strap to be tensioned and the metal seal to be fixed to hold the strap in position, thus consolidating the package. Alternatively, the Manual Combination Tool or Multifunction Strapping Tool can be used, which allows, with a single device, the tensioning, application of the seal and cutting of the remaining strap, speeding up the strapping operation.

Battery-Powered Strapping Tools

Effortless strapping, quickly and safely

Battery-powered strapping tools are the most efficient option for mobile strapping of packages and bundles of all dimensions requiring the application of polypropylene or PET plastic strapping.

The vibrating head of the Marienberg Battery Strapping Tool allows friction sealing of the plastic strap, which means that no metallic seal is required for fastening the strap. This leads to great cost savings by eliminating the need for a metal seal.

Seals for Plastic and Steel Strapping

For box sealing at the end of the production line

By applying polypropylene straps, distribution packages can be generated at a low operational cost, either for the consolidation of cargo on pallets or the closing of boxes.

In Marienberg, we have a modern and flexible production line with the largest production capacity of polypropylene strapping in Chile, which allows us to develop a product that fits perfectly to the operational needs of the machines already installed in your plant.

We offer a wide range of plastic straps for automatic and semi-automatic machines and manual tools, as well as their respective accessories, such as seals and plastic buckles.


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