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Mesh Sacks

For the packaging of fruit and vegetable products

Raschel woven meshes are excellent means of packaging larger fruit and vegetable products such as potatoes, onions, lemons, and oranges. They provide great benefits in packaging, such as an excellent presentation and preservation of the products since, as with extruded meshes, the constant ventilation avoids the proliferation of fungus.

We produce and distribute Raschel woven sacks in a range of sizes and colors, grouped in bundles of 1.000 units each or reel for automatic packaging machines.

Food Packaging Sleeve Mesh

For retail sales of products

Extruded packaging meshes are perfect for packaging retail products and distributing them in supermarkets or retail stores. They are used for the sale of fruits and vegetables as well as for promotions or combined sales of products.

Packaging with these nets can be automated with packaging machines on production lines. Extruded meshes sleeves are available for automatic packaging and can be adjusted to the length of your application.

We offer extruded packaging nets of variable length and capacity and also in 500 and 1.000meter long sleeves to suit the needs of our customers.

Extruded Meshes

For the marketing of fruit and vegetable products

Marienberg extruded meshes are the best solution for the marketing of fruit and vegetable products. They prevent the proliferation of fungus since they allow the products to be in constant contact with the air, being also a resistant, light, and economical packaging, optimizing the arrival and handling of your products to the end customer.

We offer extruded meshes sized for manual packaging (between 33 and 95cm, larger sizes available upon request) and extruded meshes in reel for semi-automatic and automatic packaging lines.

These nets are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and capacities to fit the ideal presentation of your products.

PP & Leno Woven Sacks

The specialization of Marienberg in plastic sacks comes from its origins since it was established as a company dedicated to the purchase and sale of jute sacks for the marketing of fruit and vegetable products, later diversifying into the production and sale of various products, including polypropylene sacks, which replaced jute sacks.

Nowadays, Marienberg PP sacks are synonymous with quality and reliability, produced to our rigorous specifications.

Besides being used for the transportation of vegetables, considering their high resistance, Marienberg plastic bags can also be used for the collection and transportation of construction debris, rainwater containment (filled with sand), among other applications that require flexible, high resistance, reusable and disposable sacks.

Straps and Strapping Machines

For box closing and pallet wrapping

By means of polypropylene straps, packages can be secured ready for distribution at low operational cost and with high reliability. It is a function that can be easily automated by means of Marienberg’s fully automatic strapping machines, available with specifications that are suitable for the most demanding conditions in packing or slaughterhouses.

Marienberg has the largest, most modern, and flexible polypropylene strapping production line in Chile, which allows us to develop a product that fits perfectly to the operation needs of the machines already working in our customers’ facilities.

We also offer a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines and battery and manual tools, as well as strapping accessories, such as angled guard corners, squares, seals, and buckles. Marienberg is recognized for its first-class technical service for all the tools and machines it sells, ensuring unparalleled uptime and reliability.

Technical Service and Spare Parts for Strapping Machines

For the repair and maintenance of strapping equipment

Our technical service specialists are constantly updated and prepared to respond to the demanding needs of the mining sector. We keep a permanent stock of spare parts, parts, and pieces of the most used strapping tools in the mining industry.


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