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Straps and Strapping Machines

To seal boxes at the end of the packaging line

By means of polypropylene strapping, packages can be consolidated, ready for distribution at low operational cost and with high reliability. It is a function that can be easily automated by means of fully automatic strapping machines by Marienberg, available with specifications that are suitable for the most demanding conditions on board fishing and aquaculture.

At Marienberg, we have the largest, most modern, and flexible polypropylene strapping production line in Chile, which allows us to develop a product that perfectly fits the operating needs of the machines already running at the facilities of our customers.

We offer a wide range of plastic straps for automatic, semi-automatic machines and power and manual tools. Marienberg is recognized for its first-class technical service for all the tools and machines it sells, ensuring unparalleled uptime and reliability.

We also offer strapping accessories, such as angular squares, brackets, seals, and buckles.

Technical service and spare parts for strapping machines

For the repair and maintenance of strapping equipment

Our technical service specialist team is constantly updated and prepared to respond to the demanding needs of the aquaculture and fishing industry. We keep a permanent stock of spare parts, parts, and pieces of the most used strapping tools in this industry.

Raschel Shade Cloth

For shading in cultivation centers

Marienberg Shade mesh is used to preserve the quality of aquaculture crops, as it helps regulate the temperature under the area where it is installed thanks to the different densities available, ranging from 35% to 95% light coverage.

Due to its flexibility, it can be easily placed above ponds or on-farm structures. It also serves as protection against external agents, as it acts as a barrier that prevents the presence of debris that may cause damage to the crop.

Mesh Sacks

For seafood packaging

For the distribution of seafood, generally oysters, Marienberg seafood net bags are widely used, since they provide an economical way to obtain a package with easy handling and good product presentation.

Plastic Ropes

For fastening of cages and farming lines.

Marienberg ropes are used for fastening and anchoring cages for salmon and trout production. They are also used in the preparation of lines for the cultivation of mussels and oysters, among other products.

Marienberg ropes are also widely used in artisanal and semi-industrial fishing operations, for the production of fishing-lines hooks and the capture of swordfish in the high seas.

Marienberg ropes are produced under high-quality standards, which translates into a product of excellent strength and durability.


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