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Raschel Shade Cloth

For temperature and sunlight control

Marienberg meshes allow the control of sunlight on crops and their protection against insects. The right level of security is provided by means of Raschel mesh shading screens with different colors and densities, thus adjusting to the specific needs of your company.

Fruit Drying Mesh

Widely used for plum drying

We have developed a product that meets the requirements of the fruit drying process. That is a more economical mesh with a lower weight per square meter but with a higher mechanical strength than other similar mesh products.

Contact us to learn more about our fruit drying meshes.

Agricultural Ties

For securing plants, branches, and vines

Marienberg tapes are designed for manual or automatic tying of vines, grapevines, kiwis, and all types of climbing plants. These tapes are produced with elements that do not retain pests or suffer changes with the chemical materials generally applied to crops. Marienberg tapes have high flexibility and superior stretchability, thus avoiding deformation of the branches but are easy to remove when pruning.

We produce different types of straps for various uses and offer tools that allow efficient tying and care of crops.

Marienberg agricultural ties allow the special care that your crop deserves.

Raschel Mesh Sacks

For the packaging of fruit and vegetable products.

Raschel woven meshes are an excellent method of packaging larger fruit and vegetable products such as potatoes, onions, lemons, and oranges. They provide great benefits in packaging, such as an excellent presentation and preservation of the products since, as with extruded nets, the constant airflow avoids the proliferation of fungus.

We produce and distribute Raschel woven sacks in various sizes and colors, grouped in bundles of 1.000 units each or reel for automatic packaging machines.

Stretch Film

For securing fruits for export.

We offer our customers stretch film to secure boxes of fruit and vegetable products when they are assembled on pallets. This product takes care of the effort intended for the production, assuring a complete arrival at the final destination.

Food Packaging Sleeve Mesh

For the marketing of fruit and vegetable products.

Marienberg extruded meshes are the best solution for the marketing of fruit and vegetable products. They prevent the proliferation of fungus since they allow the products to be in constant contact with the air, being also a resistant, light, and economical packaging, optimizing the arrival and handling of your products to the final customer.

We offer extruded nets sized for manual packaging (between 33 and 95cm, larger sizes available upon request) and extruded meshes in sleeves for semi-automatic and automatic packaging lines.

These meshes are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designs, thus achieving the best possible presentation of your products.

Baling Twine

Compatible with the most demanding balers

Designed for baling grass and other products, it provides superb strength and clean, trouble-free feeding on baling machines. Marienberg twine is recognized as a premium quality product widely used in Latin America that provides optimum performance throughout the entire roll. It is produced with virgin raw material and is available in reels of different capacities according to the equipment of the different customers.

Plastic Strapping

For securing boxes and pallets

We produce and distribute high-quality and reliable plastic straps for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic strapping of corrugated cardboard boxes and securing loads on pallets.

Contact a Marienberg-strapping automation expert to learn how we can make your packaging operation more efficient with machines we can integrate into your packaging line.

Weed Mat Or Ground Cover

Protection against weed growth in a fast and efficient way

To maintain a soil quality that enhances the growth of fruit plants, weeds must be prevented from growing, as they generate direct negative effects on crops due to their competition for water, nutrients, light, and space. Ground Cover is used in blueberry plantations, organic production vineyards, and cut flower production, as well as soil cover in nurseries and greenhouses, among others.

Anti-aphid Net

Barrier for insects that can be harmful to crops

In its two varieties 16/10 and 20/10, the Marienberg Anti-Aphid Meshes are made up of HDPE monofilaments with stabilization against degradation by UV rays from sunlight, which translates into a longer useful life of the fabric, thus reducing the need for product replacement.

As a barrier method for insects that can be harmful to crops, Marienberg Anti-Aphid meshes are widely used, which due to their fine mesh prevent the entry of adverse insects such as aphids, which can also carry harmful viruses for plantations. In this way, the correctly installed Marienberg Anti-aphid mesh is undoubtedly a basic defense to consider in order to maintain healthy and productive crops.

Frost Cloth

Protects plantations from damage that could be caused by frost

The Frost Cloth is a light non-woven textile material, made of polypropylene fibers, which allows protecting plantations from the damage that could be generated by frost. When the Marienberg Frost Cloth is installed correctly on the crops, it can form a microclimate, allowing the soil to retain heat and promote plant growth. We have formats for domestic use, as well as larger formats for agro-industrial use.

Preventing crops from being affected by sudden changes in temperature will give you greater confidence in obtaining results and that your source of production is protected. The Marienberg Frost Cloth, due to its light weight, can be placed directly on the crops without impeding the growth of the plantations, thus allowing a quick installation. The structure of the textile makes it a permeable barrier to water and air, retaining heat from the ground, but at the same time allowing water and chemical treatments to reach the plantations.


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